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Thug Bear
Thug Bear

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Things are good. We got a fridge, thanks to Lance's mother. I'm working, playing games, getting my MUX ready to open for playtesting. Anyone interested in a Mage/Changeling/human game of enormous potential, please do contact me.

It's been so goddamn nice out I could punch somebody. I can smell spring sneaking in under the door, and it's making me antsy.

Next day off: Tuesday. Plans: half-price bookstore, RotK!

I love the smell of used books. Combined with gentle, unobtrusive music, it lulls me into a dream like a memory, and I can spend hours on my knees sorting through dusty paperbacks for the Good Stuff.

I'll be looking for this book which nihilistic_kid has been on about. The last time I heard him this excited about a book, it was...well, Braunbeck's Fear in a Handful of Dust, but the time before that was when he was editing Stan Goff's Hideous Dream, reading it chapter by chapter as it arrived.

Someone I know is very happy right now, which makes me very happy.

Almost two years since Boston. Here I am, I'm here, I'm not there. Sitting in the hallway, thinking fast. My head is full of memories like ghosts, but I do my best to keep them quiet.

I'm getting better at it.
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