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love is not a victory march

Life is down to a strange dream these days. I don't so much have a sleep schedule as a nap schedule. I sleep for a few hours here and there, I'm up through midnight and noon more often than not. Lance works from 12:30a to 8:30a - I work from 6p to 12a. The day tumbles around those anchors, and we struggle to remember what day it is, not because we don't know but because our days always take place on two dates.

We had another of our cyclic times of trouble, now resolved. It starts with a series of little spats that escalate in emotional intensity, until it becomes obvious that the reactions are well out of proportion with the immediate causes. Eventually we hammer away at it enough that the real problem surfaces - at which point hostilities almost completely vanish, since it's usually something reasonable. We end up better off than we started. We've pulled it off consistently from the start, somehow. It's one of our best tricks, and each time it comes around again the duration of confusion is shorter, the efficiency is greater, and the whole thing is less worrysome.

The above applies to more than one definition of 'we'.

Wide awake in the early morning. Cuppa tea. Barefoot with a hat on. Listening to Jeff Buckley and watching it get light outside. Lance'll be home in an hour or so.

Everything's coming up Milhouse.
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