human x (humanx) wrote,
human x

sneaking back in through the side door

humanx: heya
NihilisticKid: see AI
humanx: yeah, not surprised
NihilisticKid: I was

humanx: really? you thought she'd be out
NihilisticKid: And she wasn't!
NihilisticKid: They dumped Matt
humanx: His performance was better than hers that night, but her overall showing was better
humanx: He'll have a good career - that sendout was classy
NihilisticKid: Yes, a gentleman!
humanx: He's too adult reallty
NihilisticKid: His problem was his dark charisma
humanx: But will do well
NihilisticKid: threatening for the teenyboppers
humanx: Yeah, he didn't know how to handle it... but shaving would have led to being more chinless than Johnny Red, who, btw, is living in a state of shock - he didn't know that the crazy girl who followed him around in middle school has millions of sisters
NihilisticKid: oh yes

humanx: k if I post this?
NihilisticKid: sure
humanx: say something clever quick
humanx: dark charisma was good but you like to have the last word

NihilisticKid: The interesting thing is the country theme is designed to eliminate the black people but didn't this year
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