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one ringy dingy...two ringy dingies...

Just got off the phone with jwitchbaby. The first thing she said was 'Are you okay?' This is because I never call anymore. I think she thought I was high or something, but really she's just not used to talking to me when I'm so happy.

And happy to be on the phone. Within a month of getting the job, my tolerance for talking on the phone dropped enormously. It was a vile, loathsome thing attached to my head, and I wanted it OFF. Over time, I forgot that I used to enjoy talking on the phone, though it was one of the reasons I thought I'd be suited to the job. In just a few days, I've gone from having no memory of ever enjoying the hideous phonebeast, to recalling that I did occasionally chat it up, to feeling phone withdrawal if I don't reach out and touch somebody at least once a day. (I still work with the phone, but on a comfortable level).

I think it's also that there's a lot of people I miss, who I'd be talking to if I didn't hate having my brains sucked out through my ear by the rotten vicious phone. Now that I've got it on a leash again, though, instead of the other way around, it's a whole new rodeo.

If there's a ringing in your ears, it's just me planning to call you soon.
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